1 Ocak 2015 Perşembe

Dummy - The 20 best tracks of 2014

20. Throwing Shade Sweet Tooth (feat. Emily Bee)
19. Doss The Way I Feel
18. Evian Christ Waterfall
17. GEoRGiA Hard Lie This
16. Palmistry Protector SE5
15. Caribou Can’t Do Without You
14. Danny L Harle In My Dreams
13. Lafawndah Butter
12. Bok Bok Melba’s Call (feat. Kelela)
11. QT Hey QT
10. Real Lies Dab Housing
09. Fatima Al Qadiri Shanghai Freeway
07. Kindness This Is Not About Us
06. Mica Levi Love
05. A. G. Cook Keri Baby (feat. Hannah Diamond)
04. Jam City Unhappy
03. Mumdance Take Time (feat. Novelist)
02. FKA twigs Two Weeks
01. SOPHIE Hard

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